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Social and economic situation of the Municipal Formation

Municipal formation city-resort Anapa refers to the territories of the tourist-recreational zone. The main system-forming industries are the resort and tourist complex and the consumer market.

Anapa is a Black Sea resort in Russia located in the southwestern part of the Krasnodar Territory, at the junction of the foothills of the Caucasus and the steppes of the Taman Peninsula. The area of ​​the region is almost a thousand square meters. km.  

Anapa is one of the most ancient cities in Russia. Its age is more than 2,500 years. In different periods here were located the cities of Sindica and Gorgippia. In 1846, Anapa received the status of a port city "for settling residents of commercial and industrial class."  

Decree of the President of 22.09.1994 № 1954 Anapa was given the status of the Federal resort region, intended for rest and treatment of children, adolescents and parents with children.  

From the majority of seaside resorts of Anapa unique natural resources are distinguished. Anapa is the sunniest city in Russia, where the sun shines almost 300 days a year, and the swimming season lasts from May 15 to October 15.  

 Anapa is the only resort in Russia with therapeutic sandy beaches with a length of 42 kilometers and 12 kilometers of pebbly beaches, as well as its own healing mud and mineral waters. A powerful healing effect gives ionized air of centuries-old relic juniper forests located in the area of ​​the village of Bolshoy Utrish, and sun baths on quartz sands - psammotherapy.  

Throughout the city and its main thoroughfare - Pioneer Avenue built health walking trails - "terrencury" length of 22 kilometers. Along these are public drinking water pump rooms with local mineral water.  

 The climatic and therapeutic potential of Anapa was repeatedly noted at the highest level. The General Assembly of the World Federation of Hydrotherapy and Climatotherapy (FEMTEK) twice awarded Anapa the title of "Best Resort Region in the World". Three times Anapa became the winner of the regional competition "Resort Olympus" in the category "Resort of the Year", was recognized as the safest city in Russia. In May 2011, by the Decree of the President of Russia, Anapa was awarded the title "City of Military Glory".  

The largest branch of Anapa is the sanatorium and tourist complex, which includes 207 sanatoriums, 89 hotels, more than 4,100 specialized and individual accommodation facilities, 30 tourist and sightseeing companies, 19 tourist display facilities and infrastructure facilities.  

The leading sanatorium-resort enterprises of Anapa are: SKK "DiLuch", boarding house "Vysoky Bereg", sanatoriums "Anapa", "Kuban", "Anapa-Ocean", "Aquamarine", "Rodnik", "Nadezhda", "Rus" LOK "Vityaz", boarding house "Kristall", etc.

A number of health resorts have certificates of 3, 4 and 5 stars. The best doctors of the resort have mastered and implemented in practice over 400 diagnostic and treatment methods, many of which are unique and do not have world analogues.  

Anapa is a large transport hub with an airport, railway, sea and bus terminals, an extensive network of highways. This gives an opportunity to visit the resort to all comers. Anapa is rightly called the festival harbor of Russia. Annually the resort meets over 20 major festivals.  

In recent years, the resort has become a real small sports Mecca. Here, every year at a high organizational level, there are more than 500 sports events of national and international level.

In Anapa, new sports facilities have been built. In April 2011, a multifunctional sports complex was opened in Omelkova Street.  

The program "Anapa - the city of flowers" is continuing. In recent years, the city has been decorated with new objects - Alley Rose Park with a cascade fountain, small architectural forms: a family of elephants on Pioneer Avenue, a giant butterfly in the park of the 30th anniversary of Victory and a floral ship with scarlet sails on the Embankment. On the area of ​​7 hectares the park "Nut Grove" was created with the largest rose garden on the Black Sea coast.  

Anapa is one of the most comfortable resorts in the Krasnodar Territory. The city is notable for its cleanliness in the streets, flowers, comfortable embankment, well-maintained facades of houses, equipped, beautiful and clean beaches.  

By combining a complex of natural factors and the dynamics of infrastructure development, Anapa has a special investment appeal and a powerful potential for implementing projects of any complexity. The resort looks confidently into the future, and the prospects for its development are undeniable.

At present, the sanatorium and resort industry continues to develop dynamically to offer its guests new, promising services in terms of recreation and recreation.